World In Conflict: Eastern Warfare Mod

Thursday, 6 December, 2007
Wolrd In Conflict modding tool kit just released and a new map announced called Countryside!
For more details about the release visit massgate.
Thursday, 29 November, 2007
The World in Conflict Team announced the upcoming release of their much anticipated modding tool kit. We eagerly awaits the release of the modding tools.
Mod Wiki:
Mod Tools Interview:
Mod Tools Screenshots:
We would like to thanks Heaven Games for their continuous support. Please visit and register to their community forums.
Monday, 19 November, 2007
Today, Massive has released a huge content update with: a patch, mapping tools and a new map! Make sure you visit Massgate ( for more details about the release. To download the patch, just log in to your multiplayer account and it will automaticly download/install. You can also download additionnals content such has the mapping tools and the new map Vineyard with the provided links bellow.  
Have fun mapping & modding! If you have any questions regarding the editor please visit our forums and we will do our best to help you!
Use This Link To Download WicEd Mapping Editor.
Use This Link To Download Quick-Start Manual For WicEd.
Thursday, 15 November, 2007
Hi all, we need graphics artists to help us finish the website design. Has a graphic artist you would have to work on a wide range of task such has: menu images, background colors , text colors, headers images, banner images, logos, forum skins and then eventually skin some vehicules or buildings for the mod! If you have done this kind of work before, please help us make this site looks more professional!
With the arrival of the modding tools we will need modders to join our ambitious project. Please contact us and join us in this community effort to make World In Conflict a better game!
Wednesday, 14 November, 2007
Massive has just released a new introduction movie showcasing the map editor! This Movie is quickly going through the main functions of the editor and it's showcasing some new abilities of the Masstech engine. 

The abilities that are showcased in this movie are truly awesome and revolutionary! Heightmapping looks very complex but easy to use at the same time. We will be able to import Terragen and World Machine heightmaps into the editor to start new world templates! Texturing looks like advanced Terragen texturing but with real time shadows! You will be able to work on a wide range of textures such has: snow, mountains, desert, mud, grass, etc.

What truly amaze me is the sun orbiting the map editor, giving it real time shadows and lightning. The atmosphere is also filled with cloud layers that are moving and gradually changing the ambiance. Plus there is a ton of new features that we will learn once the editor come out!
Youtube Movie
High Resolution wmv Download
Saturday, 10 Novermber. 2007
We now have an Irc channel for you to discuss with us! You have to download an Irc client to be able to join us in the server. The channel is located on gamesurge network. Please join us in #EasternWarfareMod channel and idle with us!
Download Irc Client
Then Join Us In The Server And Channel
Friday, 9 November, 2007
Massive has announced a new map called Vineyard for the upcomming patch update 3. The map seems to have a great layout with a golf course in it! this is a great addition to an already awesome update!
We are currently recruiting in all modding fields! We need people to fill our ranks and join us in this modding project! If you want to be part of our growing community, contact us on our forums! The release of the modding tools will have a great impact on the modding community! We are eagerly awaiting the release of the 3rd update!
Thursday, 8 November, 2007
We are experiencing random domain errors with the website and forums links right now. If you get this error (the directory has no index file) please use those alternative links untill we fix the problems (Web Site: Forums: Those links are working great and you can register to the forums! However if you have no problems browsing the normal link, you can keep on using it.
Dedicated Server Tools 1.002 have been released! Download the file here from Sierra! With this release you can now host your custom mappings and moddings servers games! The release of the Dedicated Server tool are paving the way for World In Conflict modding! You can also read the Gorbenko report for additionals informations about the server tools!
Wednesday, 7 November, 2007
Great news everyone! Massive has announced the release of it's map editor and they announced the release of it's dedicated server tools. This is great news for the World In Conflict community. Eastern Warfare Mod will now be able to start production and start learning the great engine!
With the arrival of dedicated server tools we will now be able to start our own custom games and start testing the mod. Make sure you visit our Mapping and Modding forums so we can discuss about the Masstech engine!
Friday, 2 November, 2007
Please join our forum and discuss with us about the Eastern Warfare Mod modding concepts. We started topics about Tactical Aid Weapons Systems, Vehicules lists, Infantry Divisions and others mod ideas. We will gradually add pictures and references to those threads.

If you want a specific unit, that can be added to the mod or a special ta strike you dream of, it would be a good timing to suggest you're idea with us. We are currently gathering modding concept ideas and building lists. So that once the tools are comming out we have a solid basis for future developments.
Saturday, 27 October, 2007
New Forums Skins Availble. Site is Getting Contents Updates And Is Still Under Heavy Construction. We Need A GFX Artist To Make Frontpage Banner, For Website And Forums But Also Logo's For The Mod. If you Are Interested Register In Forums And Contact Us.
Thursday, 25 October, 2007
The Forums Are Now Online! Visit Them, Register And Join Us In This Growing community. The Mod Is Now 1 Week Old! We Are Looking For More People To Be Involved With This Modding Project. Also If Someone Can Come Up With A Decent Storyline Idea. It Would Be Considered And Eventually Added To The Mod.
Tuesday, 23 October, 2007
Working On Content Updates. The Site Is Going To Be Filled Within The Next Few Weeks. We Are Currently Recruiting In All The Modding Fields (Coders, Modelers, Skiners. Mappers, Scripters, Researchers, Sound Dept, Public Relations, Environment Modellers, Testers, Etc.) Feel Free To Contact Us.
Thursday, 18 October, 2007
Web Site Launch!